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  More Money in Less Time! There are millions of people in desperate need of professional and affordable assistance with health and fitness. Why limit your income by the number of hours per day you have to train in person? Dramatically improve your efficiency by using our software to train clients online or in person. Impress Clients with Thoroughness and Accuracy! Our software makes it easy for you to pay close attention to the needs and progress of your clients. Guide them to their goals while saving time for the both of you. Happier Clients Means Higher Retention!
  We Offer the Most Advanced Features! Unlike other online training sites, we have a dedicated in-house software development staff that is continually working on improvements and new features. Want More? If there's a feature you're looking for that we don't offer, tell us about it! As long as it's reasonable, we'll work on adding it. Need Help? Get Free, Courteous, and Effective Support! We've all spent hours waiting on hold and weeks waiting for email responses only to receive useless answers. That won't happen here. Our support team is courteous, repsonsive, and dedicated to resolving any issue you may have.
  Workout Creation - Create workouts that your clients can view online and print, view exercise instruction, record results, and add comments or questions.
  Scheduling - View each client's schedule to see when they'd like to workout and what upcoming activites they have scheduled that may influence the workouts you create for them. Use your "Workout Queue" to see a list of clients that you need to create a workout for on a particular day based on their schedules.
  Exercise Library - Choose from our vast library of agility, plyometric, strength, resistance band, stretch, massage, yoga, balance, and warm-up exercises. Each exercise is complete with instructions, pictures, and video. Our library has exercises for all types of clients ranging from therapy patients to high performance athletes. You can even submit a request form to have new exercises added.
  Workout Templates - Create predefined workouts that will let you create a workout for a client in just seconds. You can even use templates to create workouts for multiple clients at the same time. This is a huge time saver!
  Program Templates - Automate periodization by creating a predefined program including a specific sequence of workout templates that will automatically choose the appropriate workout for a client based on when they started the program and what workout they did last or what day of the week it is. Periodization doesn't get any easier!
  Progression Models - Use our progression models when creating a workout from a template to automatically calculate and assign exercise parameters for a client's workout based on their past performance. Another huge time saver!
  Result Tracking - Pay close attention to the progress of your clients with months of data right at your finger tips. View reports on excercise results, physical measurements, nutrition, sports performance, and general wellness.
  Meal Planning - Assist your clients with proper nutrition by having them plan and track their meals on our site. This will give you an exact picture of what and when they're eating and how much of the major nutrients they are consuming per day. We have the complete USDA food database built into our site providing more foods and nutritional breakdowns than you can imagine. Our nutrition section is currently undergoing a major upgrade that will provide more advanced nutrition information and the ability for you or a partnering nutritionist to directly create meal plans for your clients.
  Lifestyle Journal - Improve the health of your clients and increase the chances of them reaching their goals by monitoring their lifestyle. By encouraging them to use the "Wellness Journal", you can get a clear picture of their lifestyle including their sleep schedule, stress levels, energy levels, moods, and anything else they wish to share.
  Performance Journal - If you are training athletes, this is your chance to really customize your training to their performance. By encouraging your clients to use the "Sports Journal", you can see how they think they are performing in key areas such as endurance, movement, confidence, strategy, and more. This is especially useful if you are also a coach!
  Fitness Testing - Create a workout with your choice of fitness tests to evaluate the condition and progress of your clients.
  Assessment Forms - Create your own custom assessment questions and forms to be filled out online by new or existing clients.
  Train Yourself - Your trainer account includes a built in client account allowing you to train yourself as one of your clients. It also enables you to experience our software in the same exact way as your clients.
  Personal Website - Market yourself with a personal website including a picture, video, and background information. You don't need any technical knowledge to create your site. You simply submit your material through our online form and your site is automatically created complete with a unique address that you can distribute.
  Free Marketing - Be found by Google and earn new clients simply by using our site! Because we are registered with Google and other search engines, our "Find a Trainer" feature will help direct potential clients to your personal website without any effort on your part. If you wish, you can choose to exclude your personal website from this service.
  Custom Logos - Impress your clients even further by having them see your logo at the top of every screen. Don't have a logo? For a small fee, we can create one for you!
  Custom Login Page - For a small monthly fee, we can create for you a custom login page that all of your clients will use to access the site. This page can include just about anything you'd like. Note: This service is provided to group accounts for free.

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